ProgSkeet v1.21 PCB [Black Tar Edition] March 2012

chipProgSkeet v1.21 is a PCB layout review of progskeet 1.20.

The design of Progskeet 1.21 is differnt then 1.1 or 1.0. The main board now is very small, it is connected to a slave board with a FCC cable 40 cm that allow to command progskeet without open the device.
The new improvment are:
- 2 Mbit SPI flash on board to store application data (setting etc)
- Switch on slave board to manage features (like dual nand selection)
- LED on slave board for status notification

And always remember - for accuracy and speed, choose ProgSkeet! The most versatile platform...

RRP: EUR 40.00 - 45.00

ProgSkeet Programmer v1.0 July 2013

chipProgSkeet Programmer is the new ACTEL programmer of PROGSKEET

Two times more faster then the old INJECUTS this new programmer allow to program any ACTEL device and expecially the A3P family.
It accepts the .DAT compiled files and with a simple command line interface you can flash it inside your FPGA.
Soon will be released the AUTOGG support for a GUI interface.

Please note that now is necessary a new software to flash .DAT files available HERE

RRP: EUR 19.00

ProgSkeet v1.1 PCB [Limited Crystal Blue Edition] Sept 2011 - Out of production

chipProgSkeet v1.1 introduce small changes then the first version 1.0.

The new PCB has on the back the ZIF 50 pin socket installed, to allow a fast connection to the SOLDERLESS tools of PROGSKEET (are availables for sell the ZIF50 pin sockets to update ProgSkeet V1.0, pls. ask your shop)

In this version there is also the support of configurable power on board, 1.8V (for low power NANDs like IPHONE) and 3.3V.

And always remember - for accuracy and speed, choose ProgSkeet! The most versatile platform...

RRP: EUR 40.00 - 45.00

ProgSkeet V.1.0 barebone PCB [Limited White Edition] - Out of production

chipProgSkeet is your one and only solution to your flashing needs. Whether it is NAND, NOR or any other kind of non-volatile memory - just solder, plug in and operate!

Blazing fast read/write speed!
Beside software-side updates, you can also expect hardware updates powered by customer requests!

With a broad range of applications, such as EEPROM programming (among others: Altera, Lattice FPGA/CPLD), Bad flash recovery, more commonly known as "Unbricking" (Modems, video cards, cell phones, music players) and plain serial programming (manufacture of your own device).

Supported devices include, but are not limited to: K9F1G08, S29GL128, K8Q2815, HY27US08.

Industrial programmers often range in the EUR 1000+ range with limited customer support. ProgSkeet can compete with these programmers all the while maintaining low cost!

And always remember - for accuracy and speed, choose ProgSkeet!

RRP: EUR 35.00 - 40.00


chipProgSkeet team released the first QSB BOARD mod. 001 compatible with these boards:
SUR-001 = CECH-21xxA/B
JTP-001 = CECH_25xxA/B
JSD-001 = CECH_25xxA/B
KTE_001 = CECH 30xxA/B no downgradable

A new easy and cheaper way to connect all the wires to NOR flash, 100% compatible with the expansion port of PROGSKEET.

RRP: EUR 12.90


chipProgSkeet adaptor PCB is necessary to connect SOLDERLESS NAND SOCKETS and NAND PCB.
This small PCB is an adaptor with 1 x 50 PIN ZIF socket and 2 x 32 PIN ZIF sockets.

The kit include :
1 x 50 PIN FCC cable 6 CM (see picture)
2 x 32 PIN FCC cable 20 CM (see picture)
Click here to see full set picture
Click here to see how ADAPTOR PCB is connected to progskeet

RRP: EUR 20.00 / 25.00


chipProgSkeet NAND PCB is necessary to use PROGSKEET with DUAL NAND feature.
Switch between the DEVICE and PROGSKEET NANDS and boot your prefered firmwares in few simple steps.
The board include a fast 1GBIT NAND and two 32 PIN zif connector.

This optional ADD ON need to be connected between ADAPTOR PCB PROGSKEET and NAND SOCKETS.

RRP: EUR 17.00 / 20.00

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